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Introduction to Microeconomics - INOMICS Educator Resource Pack - Single Educator License

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This INOMICS Introduction to Microeconomics Educator Resource Pack is intended to assist educators in teaching an undergraduate-level Microeconomics course. However, it may also be useful for advanced high-school level learners, or as a quick refresher for more advanced students.

This Educator Resource Pack includes short articles on foundational microeconomics topics with practice questions. These include additional resources for an educator’s use, for example discussion questions, exercises and handouts.

Topics Covered:


Scarcity and Choice


Opportunity Cost

Indifference Curves

Supply and Demand

Demand Curve

Market Equilibrium

Consumer Surplus and Producer Surplus

Deadweight Loss

The Single Educator License permits unlimited use by an individual educator in their classroom, and for students enrolled on their course.

For use between multiple educators within a department or institution, we offer a separate Institution License.

You will get a PDF (5MB) file

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